Tuesday, November 2, 2010

[MIXTAPE] Lyrical Manslaughter - #TruSchool

#TRUSCHOOL: This "mixtape" or compilation album; however you choose to see it is a real great summary of the music coming out of the northeast/us/world underground hip-hop scene right now. With tracks like "Us vs. Them" from Typhon X and "This is Hip-Hop" from local Lawrence Ma, native and local legend Krumbsnatcha you get a real vibe to the authentic hip-hop value all the artists featured in this project embody fully when they drop thier records. Speaking of Lawrence there is also an exclusive freestyle from local 978 legend Termanology on track 10 worth noting. Blaine Productions did a good job picking the talent and music. I enjoyed each track throughly and none of the tracks bored me at all. Every emcee came hard on record and did their job. I was also very interested and intrigued by his selection of international talent. On track 7 you get to hear two emcees from "Croatia" a small country in the Mediterranean sea all the way in Europe! -Plus on track 17. Slovenian FEMALE emcee Liil Leah kills the flow on her song (in Croation) - Sve se vrati sve se plati (and in English: What Goes Around Comes Back Around). Can't forget Ireland emcee Rob Kelly on track 12.!! This is unlike any other project because of that fact. Its a connection of emcees worldwide and regionally/nationally!!! Lowell emcee Myster DL has two solid tracks on this project; a freestyle on track 3. and Eyes Don't Lie, track 11. He being the owner of Ill Mannered Records is worth noting because of his help on this project from the design to mixing. Him and Blaine/Fly Predator Ent. are a great mixtape duo. This whole project covers every angle. Well worth a good listen.. The title stays "Tru" to its name "Lyrical Manslaughter" indeed.

Good Guap-Get This Money 3:20
LordWillin-Commercial Success 2:27
Myster DL-Madman Freestyle 0:57
Sean Typhon-Us vs Them 3:39
The Camp-Thought I told U 2:38
Dickie Skinz-Im Out Ya League 2:24
MadFace feat Atrox-100feet Under 2:04
Re-Surch-Sex,Drugs,and Rock n Roll 2:32
The Dunnas-Z-Zone 2:54
Termanology-Throwback Freestyle 2:50
Myster DL-Eyes Don't Lie 3:24
Rob Kelly-Jealous 3:17
Bawston Strangla-Hells Gates 2:39
DraMatik & Chance-Therapy 3:31
Lil Ray-Over 3:39
M-Dot-I'm ILL Russel(Remix) 3:22
Liil Leah-Sve se vrati sve se plati( What Goes Around Comes Back Around) 2:55
J.C.I.T.Y feat Ripshop-Greatest 4:26
Oak Lonetree-Watch Me 3:02
Daddie Poe-FreeDumb InDependence 3:57
Six-Incredible Freestyle 1:11
Krumb Snatcha - This Is Hip-Hop 3:51
Encrypted-Show Em How 2:52


  1. Can't forget newbloodz Six n Daddie Poe murkkin' it respectively!

  2. This shit is as stated LYRICAL MANSLAUGHTER!!!!!!
    Good looks on the notice,Daemos.
    Peace n Respect.